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Renewal of February 12, 2009

IT cafe vietnam

The newest IT situation of Vietnam is sent from a spot!

recent-years development -- remarkable Vietnam Vietnam said to be industrious and for the hand to have turned to obtaining excellent results in the mathematics Olympic Games dexterity and every year, etc. and IT industry although agriculture is a prosperous country. Is there nothing in Japan attracting attention? I introduce about the newest IT situation of Vietnam in this site.

Price investigation of the hardware desktop personal computer in Vietnam, and a notebook PC and various articles was conducted. [ a part network article and a software supply article ]
is a price as of November, 2007.
A price list is here.

Also in Vietnam, general sale of 1TB (tera bite) hard disk was started.
The price of a price is 469 dollars. (-SATA made from HITACHI)

windows vista vusiness It sells.

!! to which Windows XP SP2 JAPANESE edition (the Japanese version!!) arrived
Japanese Windows can be purchased now in Hanoi hanoi!
stock -- it is few
It is only the OEM version.
Although the English version and the French version are natural
Moreover, the German version, the Chinese version, the Korean version, and Thai version Windows XP can also come to hand.

Vietnam language input soft VietKey2000/Unikey/ABC etc. can come to hand in the place to reach.
(A voice tone input is possible)

Vietnam under participation also to development of the Asia アジアン Linux,
Furthermore, efficient development power will be learned.
(It is the joint project of Japan, China, South Korea, and Vietnam.)

The Vietnam IT newest information

It came to Mr. Bill Gates and Vietnam!
And 2nd revisit!
I had you contribute.
It expects that the information processing capability of Vietnam improves.

The interest to a personal computer is increasing in the べ トナム whole country.
PC related magazine, such as "Chip", "May vi tinh", and "The gioi PC", is also published frequently.
It seems that circulation is also increasing.

The Vietnam IT newest information

In Vietnam, the consciousness to illegal copy software is raised and it is inside now.

Recently, it is Windows Vista. A system which cannot use a pirate edition compulsorily and carries out it is incorporated.
Windows which is a thing using the function of Reduced Functionality mounted as a hiding function of Windows Vista, and is installed in PC [ thing / of a screen stopping receiving no operation instead of a black screen (Black screen ofdarkness) in 1 hour / begin ] when recognized as Vista being a pirate edition, after Windows starts. At MS (Microsoft), it is this Reduced. It is said that the major dealer who sells PC with which Windows pre-installed having carried out bitter taste dibeta of the function of Functionality is informed.
Many people from Vietnam are still the crack versions.
It was glad and has by carrying out Windows XP, Windows Vista and Office 2003, and Office 2007.

In recent years, acceptance of the trainee from Vietnam becomes easy.
After training is given in Japan,
The route of returning to Vietnam is also becoming certain.
It is easy to receive assitant.

  • Windows Vsta starter the Vietnam language version -- on sale
  • Windows XP tieng Viet It does not sell and become precocious although it is on sale.
  • The crack version of Office 2007 is a large boom.
  • Coral draw and the Photoshop CS2 crack version are also popular.
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Cafe ベトナム IT Systems development Software Off-ショア

Cafe ベトナム IT Systems development Software Off-ショア

Cafe ベトナム IT Systems development Software Off-ショア